What happens during a CoolSculpting Treatment?

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You’ve done the research, completed a consultation, and you’re ready to begin your first CoolSculpting treatment. But what should you expect? Most of our CoolSculpting clients ask this during the initial consultation, so we’ve created a guide to give you a better idea of what happens during the day of treatment.

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1. Arrive and change into comfortable clothes

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After checking in at the front desk, your CoolSculpting provider will bring you to the treatment room. The provider will go over things one last time, ensure all your questions are answered, and then step out to allow you to change into comfortable clothes.

The treatment attire depends on which specific area you are treating. Often clients will need to change into disposable shorts or bras to allow for better access for the treatment applicators. We ask that clients refrain from applying any lotions, creams, or perfumes to any of the treatment areas on the day of the procedure.

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2. Take “before” photos

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If this is your first treatment, we’ll step through the sliding door into the photo room (no need to step into the hallway after changing!) to take pictures. This usually includes 3D imaging on the Styku as well as still images. The fat reduction gradually happens over weeks, so quality pictures are critical for tracking progress.

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3. Mark-out the treatment area

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Once photos are finished, your CoolSculpting provider will begin the process of marking out the treatment area. Using a template, marks will be made on the treatment areas. This helps ensure the accurate placement of the applicator. Each applicator has a separate template, ensuring a precise and accurate application every time. These markings will easily come off when you shower at home.

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4. Get comfortable

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You’ll then move into the treatment chair. Your provider will give you instructions to position your body based on the area(s) you are treating. The treatment chair is fully adjustable, so your provider will adjust the chair and use padding and pillows to support your body. It’s essential to get comfortable since you will be laying fairly still for the duration of the treatment.

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5. Apply gel pad

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Once you are properly positioned and comfortable, the provider will then take the gel pad and place it over the treatment area(s). This pad is a proprietary technology from CoolSculpting and protects your outer layers of skin from a cooling injury during the treatment. The pad is a little chilly, but you’ll quickly adjust.

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6. Apply applicator(s)

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Applying the CoolSculpting applicator is the most crucial part of a successful treatment. Your treatment provider will start by placing the applicator over the marked-out area. Once it’s perfectly aligned, the provider will press a button on the applicator, and the fat will gently come in contact with the cooling apparatus on the applicator.

The provider then carefully assesses the applicator to ensure alignment and that the applicator has a good seal. Once everything is confirmed, the treatment starts. The cooling cycle is entirely computerized and carefully monitored by the device. Refine Dermatique now has two CoolSculpting machines, which allows us to treat two areas at the same time, or “DualSculpt”. This can cut your treatment time in half!

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7. Begin Treatment

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You will feel a cooling sensation as the treatment starts. This section of your body being treated will feel very cold for about five minutes, then the area usually feels like it is numb. Treatment times will vary depending upon the number of treatment areas and the type of applicators used. The actual freezing of the fat cells occurs during this period.

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8. Relax

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During the treatment, you’ll have the opportunity to try a complimentary ColoreScience Total Eye treatment. This is a client-favorite and little extra we add-in at Refine Dermatique!

During this time, catch up on your newsfeed with our wifi or watch Netflix on our large TV. Once the treatment has started, your provider will step out of the room and let you relax. Your provider will check in throughout the procedure and you’ll also have a button to call them.


Here is a breakdown of average CoolSculpting treatment times:

Abdomen: 60 min

Love Handles: 60 min

Chin: 30 min

Bra Roll: 30 min

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9. Remove applicator and massage

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Once the treatment is finished, your provider will release the applicator. The area will be firm and red immediately after the procedure. Your provider will begin to massage this area, which helps break up the fat that has crystallized in the cells during the treatment and enhances the process of breakdown of the fat cells. On large treatment areas, your provider may also use our Cellutone device, which sends vibrations deep to increase the fat breakdown further. 

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10. Treat other areas

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If you are treating other areas on the same day, we will start over from step three. Given the comfort of the treatment and the comfortable treatment room, many patients have several areas treated on the same visit.


Our office is located just north of St. Cloud, Minnesota and many of our body contouring clients drive a considerable distance for their CoolSculpting treatments. It’s not uncommon to treat four or more areas during one appointment.

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11. Finish and schedule follow-up treatment

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After your provider has finished the massage and cleaned up the treatment areas, you’ll get dressed and schedule your next treatment. The best part: you’ll be free to go back to your day, and no one will be aware you just had a CoolSculpting treatment.

For many patients, a second treatment occurs at approximately three months, which enhances your results. We like to take follow-up photos and 3D images about three to six months after your last treatment. Coolsculpting is a gradual fat elimination process, and it takes several months for your body to eliminate the fat cells and their contents.

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12. Afterward

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The majority of CoolSculpting clients have little discomfort after the procedure. The treated fat cells will begin to die and naturally process out of your body. In rare cases, patients can have some discomfort if their abdomen has been treated. This discomfort usually starts about three to four days after the treatment and lasts about a week. If this happens, we will prescribe a medicine (non-narcotic), which significantly alleviates this discomfort. 

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This is the process of a normal CoolSculpting treatment. It truly is one of the best solutions for non-surgical body contouring. If you’re interested in learning more about CoolSculpting or whether you’re a candidate, our office serves the populations of St. Cloud, Sartell, and the rest of central Minnesota. Give us a call at (320) 253-3435 or click here to request a no-obligation body contouring consultation with one of our experts.



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