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BBL HERO is a state-of-the art light therapy that has been clinically proven to improve the skin at the DNA level. It improves pigment, redness, and overall skin quality anywhere on the body.

BBL Hero

Have you noticed that your carefree days in the sun as a youth have left you with unwanted pigmentation, dark spots, or other signs of aging? Or maybe you have been dealing with rosacea and you are tired of having a red tone to your skin.

Show your skin some love with the BBL HERO treatment. The BBL HERO is a revolutionary treatment that not only corrects both brown and red pigmentation in the skin, improves the appearance of aging skin, and restores skin radiance.

The magic of BBL HERO comes from intense pulsed light. During each treatment, the specialized light is moved quickly across the treatment area to target pigment in your skin. The pigment in the lesion absorbs the light, and biological processes destroy this target. Within days, the body naturally removes the pigmented cells, replacing them with fresh, undamaged cells. The skin in the treated area gradually appears clearer, younger and healthier.

Aging does not just affect your face, which is why the BBL HERO is designed to target your whole body. It is frequently used to rejuvenate the skin of the arms, legs, chest and shoulders.

A ten-year study done at Stanford University proved that the light from the BBL worked down to the DNA of the cell, causing the cell to function as it did when it was younger. The BBL HERO is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

BBL Hero benefits

    • Reduced sun spots or brown pigmentation
    • Reduced redness and skin inflammation
    • Increased radiance
    • Improved pores
    • Improved skin integrity
    • Skin rejuvenation at the DNA level
    • Younger looking skin
    • Slows the aging process in the skin
    • Collagen stimulation
    • Improves overall even tone of the skin
    • Quick, comfortable procedure w/little to no downtime

Average Treatment Duration

45 Minutes

Average Downtime After Treatment

Less than a day

Average Treatments Needed

Sold in a series of 2, Dr. LaBine recommends maintenance every 6 months

Treatment Overview

Design Structure

Reported Discomfort Level

2 out of 10

Expected Price Range

Starting at $1,100 for series of 2. Maintenance starting at $550

Pairs well with

Moxi, Halo, Botox

See what BBL HERO can do for you

Meet with one of our experts to ensure BBL HERO is the right treatment to help you reach your goals.


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Exfoliation treatment with the added benefit of removing vellus hair, commonly referred to as peach fuzz.

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Gently exfoliate your skin for a fresher appearance.

why our

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I was so very impressed by my visit today. The staff members were super friendly, and Dr. LaBine was both kind and knowledgeable. The care I received was more than satisfactory — it was inspired!


Dr. LaBine was so helpful in guiding me through my first Botox treatment. He explained everything clearly and made me feel very comfortable. I absolutely love my results and can’t wait to attend my reunion!


The team at Refine Dermatique is awesome. From a friendly greeting to the great care, I enjoy every visit. You can tell everyone loves what they do and it shows in their work.


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Introducing the BBL HERO

Dr. LaBine and Ethan Lederer announce the newest addition to Refine Dermatique's laser and light lineup: the BBL HERO!

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BBL HERO Virtual Event Highlights

The BBL HERO is a significant leap forward in laser and light technology. With four times the speed, three times the power, and twice the cooling, BBL will never be the same.

What does the treatment feel like?

A cool gel is applied to the skin before the treatment, the applicator moves quickly across the body area. It is comfortable, occasionally you may have what feels like a rubber band snap. After the treatment your face may feel warm and appear red, this will resolve within a couple of hours.

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend starting with a corrective series of two treatments done approximately two-three weeks apart. We recommend one treatment every six months to maintain results and slow the aging process of the skin.

Do I need to come to the appointment with a clean face?

We do need to have clean, bare skin for the treatment. If you don’t have time to cleanse your face before you get here, you can certainly do it here.

When can I apply makeup after the treatment?

You can apply makeup immediately after your BBL HERO treatment.

Is there anything I should avoid before or after the BBL HERO treatment?

You should avoid direct sunlight before and after your BBL HERO, if you have a tan, we will not be able to perform the treatment. Also, no sunless tanning products should be used for at least two weeks before the treatment.

After your BBL HERO treatment, a daily SPF 30 or higher application, with reapplication throughout the day is recommended to avoid re-pigmentation of the skin. Avoid being in direct sunlight as much as possible, and when outdoors, in addition to SPF, wearing a wide brimmed hat is also recommended.

Can I exercise after my BBL HERO treatment?

We recommend refraining from high intensity exercise which raises your pulse to 130 beats per minute or heavy sweating for 24 hours after the treatment.

What is the expected recovery after the treatment, is there any downtime?

There is really no downtime other than refraining from intense exercise for 24 hours after your treatment. Immediately after, the treated area may be red and/or warm for a few hours, slight swelling is also a possibility for the first 24 hours. Where there is pigmentation on the surface of the skin, it will become much darker immediately after the treatment and remain for 7-10 days. Gentle care of the skin is necessary until the darkened pigment naturally sloughs off. Makeup can generally cover the darkened pigment during this time. You will likely notice this darkening of pigment more with the first corrective treatment as there will be more surface target. As the surface pigment is removed, the darkening will be much less with subsequent treatments. If you do not see a darkening of pigment, it does not mean the treatment is not working or is not effective, rest assured it is working in the deeper levels of the skin for rejuvenation.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the BBL HERO treatments depends on the area being treated. A VISIA Skin Analysis Consultation is required before beginning any corrective series. During the consultation, an assessment will be made to ensure you are a good candidate for the BBL HERO and pricing will be provided at that time.

Complimentary Skincare

At Refine, we believe that education is the key to providing safe and superior service. We offer a complimentary skincare consultation to all new patients ensuring a treatment plan that gets results.

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