Makeup Tricks to Take Years Off

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1. Start With A Soft Foundation

Don’t load on the concealer and foundation. Makeup doesn’t cover wrinkles,  heavy makeup accentuates wrinkles by settling into every line. Instead use a primer first which will help create a smooth base for foundation. If you haven’t been using a makeup primer, you’ve been missing out! Primer prepares the skin for your foundation or tinted moisturizer and gives it something to hold onto so it lasts throughout the day. A good primer can help smooth fine lines, wrinkles and large pores. There are also primers made for specific skin conditions such as rosacea, and acneic or oily skin. If you love the fresh no-makeup look but want a bit more polish, primer is your answer. If you want a bit more coverage, start with a primer first, followed by a thin layer of lightweight or sheer foundation.

2. Wear Makeup Daily

Makeup has a softening and glowing effect on the face. Even if you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup for everyday, there comes a time when we just can’t get away with the bare face without looking a little tired and drawn. If you don’t want to wear a lot, at least curl your lashes and put a little mascara on – that will help eyes appear brighter. In addition, a little face primer or tinted moisturizer to even out the skin will do wonders on brightening your face.

3. Dial Down Dark Circles

Dark circles are hard to hide, but you can minimize them by using a concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. The principle  of using a lighter color makes something project more and a darker color makes things look more recessed applies here and will be repeated throughout this article.

4. Send Your Bags Packing

For puffiness under the eye area, never apply a lighter concealer as this will only accentuate the issue. This is a mistake many women make, if bags are a problem, go with a bit heavier concealer that is slightly darker than your normal skin tone.

5. Play Up Your Eyes

Eyes are the windows to the soul so don’t forget to focus on them (pun intended!) Makeup and the aging eye can be a little tricky.  An eye shadow primer will help smooth out the lid and help shadow stay put for the day. Shadow selection should stay in the neutral family – a light shade on the lid and taupe in the crease. Try to stay away from a lot of shimmer in the shadow as this can accentuate lines and wrinkles. To help detract from a hooded lid, apply the taupe above the crease by using the darker color, this will give the appearance of a lid with less drooping (using color to recess). Use a lighter shade on the lid (using color to project). Line eyes with a brown liner to help widen them, black liner sometimes can look a little harsh. Next curl lashes and apply a couple coats of a black mascara. The overall effect makes eyes look bigger and brighter.

6. Minimize Imperfections

You can use your lighter concealer to hide age spots, sunspots, and other tiny imperfections. For a smoother look, you may even want to apply your moisturizer after you put on concealer. Use a concealer brush to gently pat the moisturizer on top.

7. Add A Bronze Glow

If you are feeling pale, create a sun-kissed look with a few brushes of bronzer. Use a light hand and only apply to areas where the sun would naturally hit, across the cheekbones, along the hairline and the nose. The key is to add just enough to look natural.

8. Highlight Your Cheekbones With Blush

When applying blush, keep in mind that over time, your cheekbones may have dropped a little lower with age. Applying blush above your natural cheekbones can create a clownish look and age you even more. It makes you look older because it emphasizes that your cheeks have sagged.

To find your natural cheekbone, touch your cheek until you feel the bone. It should sit directly below the pupils of your eyes. Then sweep upward with your brush following the natural cheekbone line, which will narrow at your temple.

9. Gloss Over Lips

One thing mature women have to steer clear of is the heavy dark lipsticks, especially the browns and deep reds, they can really age you. Remember the concept of darker making things recess? As we age our lips lose volume, putting a dark color on them will only make them appear smaller.  Lining lips in a shade that matches your natural lip color will help define them and  keep color from migrating into fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Then use a soft color lipstick or even a gloss to finish the look.

10. Thicken Eyebrows

If you have tweezed your brows too aggressively over the years, they may have stopped growing back. Fill in thinning brows with a powder that’s about the same color as your hair. For a natural look, make dashes of color with the powder and then blend in with a brow comb. A defined brow gives your whole face shape and definition as well as give you a little brow lift.

As with all things, we have to make adjustments and accommodations as we age, and applying makeup is no exception. A few clever makeup tricks can take at least a few years off by camouflaging and playing down features you don’t want emphasized. By applying your makeup beautifully and appropriately for your age, you can keep them guessing for years to come!


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